We all want a healthy, thick, luxurious looking beard, but sadly like many good things in life, it isn’t always so easy! 

There’s nothing unusual with having a patchy beard, in fact it’s very common, however there are a few simple tricks that will have your beard looking patchless in no time!

Grow Your Beard Long 

Allow your beard to grow freely for a month or so, as irritating as it may be it will allow you to identify which direction your beard hairs are growing and where your patches are forming. 

This will also give your beard a thicker and  fuller look; The longer beard hairs will permit you to cover up the patches, making them less noticeable.

After you have grown your beard long enough to cover your patches, you can start shaping it however you wish. 

Trim Your Beard

Although this point may contradict our first point, trimming and shaping your beard to suit your face shape or your desired style may eliminate the appearance of your patches.

Ensure to carefully trim your beard giving it a tidy and even look, the best way to do this would be by starting off by using a number 3 and gradually increasing it to what number you are comfortable to work with. 

Condition Your Beard 

Your beard will only appear to look healthy and thick as long as you nourish it well. Beards require great moisture and conditioning to grow healthily as possible. 

Moisturise your beard regularly by using a beard oil or a beard butter. Ensure you are using a product with natural ingredients and less chemicals as possible as this may irritate your skin.

The penetration of these natural oils into your beard hair and skin will allow your facial skin to produce healthy oils that will provide you with thick, luscious beard hairs, giving you your desired beard look. 

Beard Oil for patchy beard

Look After Your Health

As always, your health should always be your main priority, ensure that you are eating well, getting your vitamins and minerals, sleeping well and keeping your skin clean and hydrated. 

These factors play a huge role in making you look and feel healthier will naturally give your beard a more attractive and healthier look.

We hope these simple tips will help you accomplish your desired beard look and keep your mane looking well tamed and groomed. Try out these tips and share your results with us on our instagram @mane.tamer