Here is your daily beard care routine

Buying your first beard grooming products can be very exciting until you realise that you don’t have a daily beard routine !

Well fear not! We have devised a quick simple routine to keep your bad boy in line.

washing Beard in morning as part of daily beard routine by mane tamer grooming


Shampoo & Condition

Start your day by freshening up your beard by using a good shampoo and conditioner to remove impurities whilst keeping your beard skin irritation-free. Avoid using soaps as they tend to dry out facial hairs; especially those containing sulphates or alcohol.

Trimming your Beard (optional)

First of all, trimming your beard isn’t something you should always include in your daily beard routine and should be done only when required as less as possible. However if you do trim it, then try to do it in the morning after washing it.

For those who with shorter beards, there’s no need to straighten your beard. Manoeuvring your beard trimmer around a shorter beard to cut off any fly away or a general trim is generally quite an easy task.

For those beardsmen with longer beards we strongly recommend that you don’t trim your beard until you have straightened it out or at least combed it straight, which tends to be easier after you’ve washed your beard. We have a longer explanation on how to cut your beard in our other article. Bute for now keep these small pointers in mind.

  1. Straighten out your beard first to sculpt accurately. This is important with a longer beard as you want to get the shape of your beard as perfect as possible, and the best way to accurately sculpture your beard is when it is straight. 
  2. Use proper beard/ moustache/ facial hair scissors (sometimes known as cosmetic scissors) do not use regular scissors or nail scissors.  Because trimming your facial hair is a delicate and a precise activity and you won’t be able to get the best results with the wrong scissors
  3. Take off a small amount one step at a time, as rushing this may cause you to cut too deep and make a mistake ruining your beard.
daily beard routine , use mane tamer beard balm

Applying Beard Balm, Beard oil and Beard butter

Traditionally there were just 2 main beard products that people would apply after washing it, oil and balm. But nowadays there’s a new boy on the block and we call him Beard Butter. Before guys would use either balm or oil or both but nowadays some people are replacing both with just beard butter. We will explain the difference between them in another article but here we will show you how to apply them.

Applying beard oil

Beard Oil for patchy beard

After washing your beard or face it could reduce sebum (oil) from your face by facial hair can lead to a brittle beard. That’s why you need to replenish natural oils with beard oil, which is designed to prevent dryness and itchiness by moisturising both skin and beard.

 For a small beard use just a couple of drops, for a bigger beard you will need around 5-10 drops. Drop the oil into you palm and then work it into your beard using your fingertips while using a comb or a brush to evenly distribute the oils.

Apply beard balm as necessary

daily beard routine , use mane tamer beard balm

Most people like to apply beard balm after applying oil, its not necessary to use both but if you do wish to use both, apply the balm after the oil, as the oil won’t soak into your beard if used after the balm.

 Balm is great to keep your beard in shape and give good from and tuck away any flyways

Put a small amount of the balm onto your palm roughly the amount that cover a finger nail but your desired amount may be different according to the size of your beard. Then with the balm in you palms, rub your hands together and massage into your beard and skin.

Applying beard butter

Mane Tamer Beard butter Mango Vanilla

Beard butter is like both balm and oil, that said, if you use beard butter you don’t need to use the oil or balm. Only if you want some hold then use some balm after using a butter. 

When applying a Beard butter, you will realise a small amount goes along way. Take out about 25% less butter in comparison to when you use a balm and rub it into your fingers. You will immediately see that the return you get is much more than what you get from a balm hence why you use less butter.

Brush  and comb your beard

daily beard routine , use mane tamer beard comb

Its highly recommended to brush and comb daily beard as this will stimulate hairs to grown in a desired direction as well as distribute beard oil and beard balm through your beard. A wooden beard comb fits perfectly in your pocket, enabling you to take it with you and use it on the go.

During the day

Reapply the beard oil and/or balm as necessary

Beard balm tends to lose its hold after a few hours, so you may want to add some more again to reduce any fly way’s. Usually you don’t have to add any butters or oils as they ten to keep the beard moisturized for the whole day.

Typically you can use balm during touch ups than the initial application.


If you shower at night, then you will want to put some product into your beard.  After a shower, your pores open more, allowing your skin to readily absorb any product.  Applying some beard product overnight  will create a kind of conditioning treatment that will keep working overnight as you fall into your slumber.

Hopefully this daily beard routine will keep your beard in check ✔️