Balm Citrus Spice 30ml (1oz)

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The natural ingredients get deep into the hair and nourish it from inside and out! It works on long and short beards to condition & soften your hair, improve strength, shine & increase volume & density.  Stops dry skin, beard itch and flakiness. Simply apply and let the balm work its magic. The Balm will leave a softer, smoother looking beard. Helping you achieve the beard you deserve!





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If your beard needs to get under control then you need is beard balm! As well as letting you control that wild beard of yours, our Beard Balm will help keep it soft and conditioned with ingredients such as sweet almond oil and Shea butter.

Our hand made Beard Balm is an extremely versatile blend of nourishment and hold. Offering some benefits of our Beard Oil, with the added ability to tame and shape the Beard. Resulting in a natural look with good definition, perfect for creating a barely styled look with minimal effort. This alcohol free formula contains a unique combination of high quality ingredients, designed to keep your beard healthy and you looking your best.

And what could be more gentlemanly than neatly groomed, effortlessly styled beard? Stay Groomed. Stay Handsome. Become a Mane Tamer and tame that mane .


Ingredients :

Organic shea butter
Organic cocoa butter
Mango butter
Organic Argan oil
Organic castor oil
Virgin unrefined  avocado oil
Coconut oil
Sweet almond oil
Grape seed oil
Virgin unrefined hemp oil
Virgin unrefined Jojoba oil
Macadamia nut oil
Essential oil

1 review for Balm Citrus Spice 30ml (1oz)

  1. Lee Morris (verified owner)

    This is my absolute favourite product right now! Purchased this before the butters were available and it done wonders for my skin. Shapes my beard exquisitely but it’s the smell that sets it apart. Really can smell the spices and for me, it just makes me think of Christmas. Cannot wait to get my hands on the butters and oils now to compliment the balm

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